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Making a Difference: CareFest volunteers give back by helping others with repairs

11:40 PM, Sep 20, 2013   |    comments
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Tampa, Florida -- Sandy Griggs' home had seen better days. It was falling into disrepair, even becoming a little dangerous, so she enlisted the help of CareFest volunteers to help her get her home in better shape.

They fixed her floors, her closets, and even repaired a hole in the side yard. She provided the materials and a group of volunteers descended on her home and got it fixed.

"I mean they were hauling the carpet out, they were tearing up the old floors in the kitchen and dumping it in the trucks. They even hauled everything away," Griggs says.

CareFest started 12 years ago after the City of Tampa asked Dr. Daniel Bernard to share ideas on how the church could help the city. This came after a successful community compassion event during the Super Bowl XXXV festivities.

The object of the week is to literally do "all the good we can by all the means we can". That includes helping the elderly, those who are disabled, single moms and any others who don't have the money or the labor to repair and maintain their homes.

"We see people getting help that otherwise could not get help, and of course, the churches then not only get to meet their needs physically but where they might have some needs on an ongoing basis," explain Dr. Bernard.

Local businesses also partner with CareFest in some cases adopting projects, donating products or services. As for Sandy Griggs, she says CareFest has helped her so much that she can't help but spread the word to others.

Carefest is Sept. 28 and it's still not too late to get involved. There are events all over the Tampa Bay area. CLICK HERE to find out how you can help.

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