Making a Difference: Librarian helps evolve Palm Harbor Library

7:39 PM, May 1, 2013   |    comments
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Palm Harbor, Florida -- A librarian for 25 years, Lois Eannel still loves what she does and she's as excited as she was the very first day she started the job.

"I wouldn't do anything differently. I love working in libraries, I love working with the children, I love being on the public floor," she says.

She is dedicated to helping libraries evolve, with unique fundraisers, a book red box, having technology everyone can use and enticing a demographic that has been dwindling in libraries by giving it a 'hip' twist.

"This is just for the teens, this is their room. They come in here to socialize, they come in here to do homework, use the computers, and play video games," said Lois

Most of us think of libraries as places filled with old traditional books and places where you can't talk, you know librarians always shushing you so you don't speak. Well, this library actually encourages you to express yourself and it's filled with fun activities including a jazz concert.

Her employees really enjoy the atmosphere at Palm Harbor Library and they say Lois allows them to be creative themselves.

"Very gracious to give us pretty much freedom to kind of do what we want to do to work on projects to help the library," said librarian assistant Mary Oneill.

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