Can a better smile help you get a better job?

1:31 PM, Mar 11, 2013   |    comments
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St. Petersburg, Florida -- It's an old saying: "You never get a second chance to make a first impression." That's likely true if you're sitting across the table from a potential new boss. A good smile can make all the difference.

Jennifer Gordon is a professional photographer in St. Petersburg--the owner of FotoFlow Photography. She specializes in glamour, wedding and portrait photography.  Gordon says her smile has been holding her back in her career.

"My teeth were all over the place and I generally smiled with my mouth closed--tried to hide my teeth a bit when I talked," said Gordon.

As a photographer, you wouldn't think her teeth would play a big role in her job, but Gordon says her lack of confidence was affecting her work.

"I have to entertain clients to get them to interact with me and the camera," said Gordon. "Sometimes they have a lack of confidence themselves. So the more I interact with them, the more happy I am, the more I smile."

Gordon came to Orthodontics Specialists of Florida for work on her smile.  Dr. Alan Shoopak fitted her with Invisilgn braces and helped fit it into her budget with his "Smile, You're Hired" promotion.  It offers discounts for Invisilign and traditional braces along with a variety of financing options.  The idea is to boost the confidence for people entering the job market or looking for a promotion.

"You will be able to feel confident about yourself so you can present yourself better," said Dr. Shoopak. "And you might get that position you're looking for versus another individual who may not have taken that same step."

Gordon  is seeing a big difference.

"The more I smile, the more interaction and happiness and smiles I get back," she said.

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