''Swings Tampa Bay'' brings childhood pasttime to adults

5:51 PM, Mar 29, 2012   |    comments
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St. Petersburg, Florida -- It starts with rope and climbing up a tree. A couple minutes later, a handmade, handpainted swing is in full swing.

"We design our swings so people can swing in any way they want," Reuben Pressman says. 

He and Hunter Payne, two recent USF St. Pete grads, design the swings for their community organization, Swings Tampa Bay, all in the spirit of fun. After inviting people to paint boards however they'd like, these self-proclaimed swing ninjas hang their creations all over Tampa Bay in the middle of the night.

Photo Gallery: Swings Tampa Bay

The swings sway under billboards, inside buildings, and even tucked in a pedestrian overpass... basically, all the places you'd never expect to see a swing.

"The goal is to get people around something that they all can recognize, they know how to use, and something that's fun, something that interrupts their daily routine," Pressman says. "Our goals are really bringing people together."

Pressman says they've been contacted by some people who wonder why they do this, or just think it shouldn't exist at all. Surprisingly, that's the reaction Swings Tampa Bay wants to hear.

"We're happy that those people are really thinking about how you don't really have to follow all the rules," Pressman says. "This is something that we think can impact a city in a really, really easy and almost free way."

They're just happy to show people the ropes, though they're always looking for people to help hang swings, and ideas for where to hang them. Visit the Swings Tampa Bay website or Facebook page to join in the fun.

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