Cesar Padilla, executive director of Hillsborough Public Transportation Commission, to retire

7:34 PM, Aug 27, 2013   |    comments
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Tampa, Florida -- The head of the Hillsborough Public Transportation Commission, Cesar Padilla, is retiring after being under fire almost since he has been executive director. 

Padilla had been the target of several 10 News Investigator stories.

Padilla's latest misstep that has him in hot water is that he has been moonlighting as a sheriff's deputy while making $ 107,000 of public money for his commission job. 

As we've reported in the past, Padilla also got into trouble for taking online college classes on the public's dime when he was supposed to be working, in addition to giving himself a glowing evaluation and asking a county commissioner to sign it.

Padilla made the decision late Tuesday afternoon almost at the end of the business day. He called the Hillsborough Human Resources Department to make an appointment to start the retirement process and leave the Public Transportation Commission. 

We talked to Padilla earlier Tuesday afternoon and he said that because he just returned from being out of the country, he hadn't yet made a decision on what he planned to do, and would discuss it with his family. But at 4:55 p.m., Padilla made it official.

Sources tell us the second-in-command, Mario Tamargo, will become acting director. Tamargo will have his hands full as a lawsuit is being filed Wednesday morning, saying the agency is forcing limousine drivers to charge the public a minimum $ 50 even if they want to charge less.

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