RLC crash reports analyzed in Pasco County MPO meeting

10:12 PM, Jul 11, 2013   |    comments
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DADE CITY, Fla. - Pasco County Transportation Operations Manager Robert Reck presented traffic crash data to county commissioners Thursday.

The crash data was requested during the June Pasco County MPO meeting after commissioners questioned reducing yellow light clearance times and the benefits of red light cameras (RLC).

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The crash reports were only for the approaches to traffic signals along US-19 with red light cameras and analyzed a six month period before and after camera installation, as well as six months after the yellow clearance time revisions by FDOT, which 10 news uncovered.

Even though the number of accidents rose after the installation of RLC, Reck advised commissioners the data shows red light cameras have not increased the number of crashes along the busy highway.

He pinpointed the affects of the clearance times and red light cameras by only gathering crash data within 250 feet of the intersections.

"At first glance, the numbers look like there was an increase in crashes," Reck said, "but after you look at the individual crash report, you can see the cameras and yellow clearance times are not a contributing factor."

According to the report Reck presented, "The data indicates there has even been a small reduction in crashes after camera installations...There is virtually no discernible impact from the yellow interval time reductions versus the number of crashes at these intersections."

Members of the MPO, including several Pasco Co. Commissioners, did not further question Reck's report, but at least one told 10 News after the meeting he was unhappy the report wasn't provided to them much ahead of time for review.

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