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Healthcare 411: Self employed couple looks for options

9:26 PM, Nov 4, 2013   |    comments
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Terry and Missy Donald



Terry and Missy Donald have been self-employed since 2001. And with the new Affordable Healthcare Act, they are looking to get a better deal and better coverage then what they have now.

Terry tells us from looking at the site, he sees better rates for prescription coverage, deductible levels and co-pays compared to what he pays now.

Here are some of the options they found, in their own words:

  • I can stay with a high deductible (catastrophic) and get covered for about $200 less.
  • I can stay high deductible but reduce my potential out of pocket greatly by upping to a Bronze policy and save about $100. 
  • I can go up to a silver level, and be more in line what many employers offer and save a few bucks a month.
  • Or I can upgrade to a gold policy, save a bunch when it comes to ER visits, surgeries, hospitalizations etc, but pay about $15 a month more than I am now.
All of these are the rates, do NOT include any subsidy or tax credit which I will be in line for since I have a very modest income.

For those interested. My wife and I are self employed, in our 50's, there's some pre-existing condition issues.  We've been paying really really high market rates for insurance since 2004. I'm ready to save some money, and thanks to The Affordable Care Act it appears I'll be able to.

The Donalds say their biggest question or concern is once they get a plan, and Congress changes, would the AHA ever go away?

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