Great Hang Up: AT&T launches campaign against texting & driving

7:20 AM, Aug 16, 2012   |    comments
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Tampa, Florida -- AT&T, one of the country's largest providers of cell phone and wireless service, wants you to put down your phone.  At least while you're driving.

This week, AT&T kicked off a month-long push to get drivers across the country to take a no-texting-while-driving pledge--and stick to it!  It's part of the company's It Can Wait campaign, which first debuted in 2009.   It will be ramping up between now and September 19, or what the campaign is calling "No Text on Board -- Pledge Day."

When 10 News stopped by the AT&T store on S. Dale Mabry in Tampa, it was clear employees got the message.  They wore special tee shirts printed with the slogan "No Text On Board." And they encouraged customers to take an in-store pledge not to text and drive.

"We want our customers to enjoy our technology," said AT&T Public Relations Manager Michele Money-Carson. "But we don't want them to get hurt or take someone else's life or hurt someone else because they're using our technology. So it's all about using the technology that have responsibly."

AT&T offers its customers a free app called DriveMode that blocks incoming texts and calls while they're behind the wheel.  It automatically sends out a message that the driver will return the call or text later.

But the most important message won't come from a cell phone, it comes from parents.

"A number of parents tell their kids not to text and drive and they're doing it themselves," said Money-Carson.  "So it's important for parents to set the example and not do it."

If you don't use AT&T as your wireless provider, there are a lot of free or low-cost apps that will stop incoming texts and calls while driving.

You can learn more about AT&T's It Can Wait campaign at this link.

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