Great Hang Up: Teens living in denial

8:41 AM, Apr 26, 2012   |    comments
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We've all heard the saying: you can't solve a princess until you admit it exists.

A new survey of teenage drivers offers some  insight into why distracted driving seem to be such a big problem.  A lot of those teenagers are living in denial.

Bridgestone surveyed more than 2000 young drivers--between the ages of 15 and 21.  More than half of them said they believe distracted driving is dangerous, but either don't think they themselves get distracted or they think they take extra precautions behind the wheel.  But what they say and what they do are very different.

One-third of the teenagers admitted they read text messages while driving.  A quarter of them said they don't believe that talking on the phone while driving is dangerous.

Overall, girls engage in distractions behind the wheel far more than boys.

"We have to be vigilant about this," said Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood.  "We can never give up on trying to solve the distracted driving issues that we now face.  Not only with teenagers, but obviously with all of us that carry a cell phone or texting device."

To combat the problem, Bridgestone announced its Teens Drive Smart video contest.  The company is asking teenagers to create a short, safety-themed video encouraging their peers to make better decisions behind the wheel. 

The videos can be uploaded to the Teens Drive Smart website from now until June 22nd.   The top 10 videos will be posted online for a public vote.  The teen who creates the winning video will receive a $25,000 college scholarship and have their video become part of Bridgestone's safe driving campaign and be played on MTV's jumbotron in Times Square.

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