Hang Up: Students hope to win free concert in video contest

7:45 AM, Mar 16, 2012   |    comments
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Tampa, Florida -- You can preach to your children about the dangers of texting and driving, but sometimes it takes another kid to really get the point across.

Dozens of students created their own videos about the dangers of distracted driving for the Focus on the Road Video Contest from93.3 WFLZ and More Health, Inc.

The submission time has ended, but voting on the videos will continue through March 23rd.  Head to WFLZ's Facebook page to watch and choose your favorite video.  The top three teams will win cash prizes ($500, $250 & $100) AND a private concert with the hot pop group Hot Chelle Rae at Clear Channel studios in Tampa.

"Don't text and drive. Just don't do it. It's not worth it," said FLZ afternoon deejay Scotty Davis. "Really, do you want your last words to be 'yo?' It's just not worth it. Stop doing it."

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