Great Hang Up: A mother's pain

9:27 AM, Jul 4, 2011   |    comments
Amanda Clark, 19, was killed in a texting and driving accident. It wasn't her first crash.
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Oakdale, California -- Bonnye Spray lost her daughter in a car accident four years ago. Nineteen-year-old Amanda Clark had been texting and driving and it wasn't the first accident she had involving distracted driving.

Spray says she and her daughter spoke on the phone April 1, 2007, and Clark said she'd be back soon. That was the last conversation they had before Spray received word her daughter had been in a crash.

Spray is speaking out to let teens know the dangers of distracted driving. She believes mobile phones should be taken away from drivers like car keys from drunk drivers.

Spray says her daughter wanted to be a marine biologist. She recently attended the wedding of her daughter's former boyfriend to another Amanda.

Spray said the other Amanda is lovely, but the event was another reminder of all the memories she will not have with her daughter.

KXTV, Sacramento