Bay area reverend wears hoodie to church service

12:15 AM, Jul 15, 2013   |    comments
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  • TAMPA, Florida -- Local church members added something more to their Sunday best -- they put on hoodies at their pastor's request. 

    "I posted to everyone on Facebook to wear your hoodies to church!" said Reverend Dr. Jeffery Johnson. "I think the hoodie is an awareness of what Trayvon had on that night, but not only that, but his memory cannot be all that forgotten that easily."

    The reverend preached about the church being there for both sides of the murder trial for George Zimmerman after the not guilty verdict came out Saturday night. 

    "When we leave out of here not only do we need to pray for Trayvon Martin's family, but we need to pray for the George Zimmerman family as well, because the church is not one-sided," preached the reverend. 

    Church members said they expected Reverend Dr. Johnson to speak about the trial because it is an issue that many African Americans in their community are talking about.

    "Just felt like justice was not done," said Inola Marcus. 

    Marcus has two sons and they used to live in a community outside of Orlando that was similar to Sanford. 

    "My son used to play basketball outside and walk home. Trayvon could have easily been my son," said Marcus. 

    Another church member, Charlene Norwood, said she was physically sadden by the jury's verdict but not angry. 

    "It hurts me because Trayvon could have been one of my four brothers, and also I put myself in George Zimmerman's family's place and think he could have been a brother of mine," said Norwood. "I hurt for them all either way. I do not think justice was served though. But I am not the righteous judge. Only Jesus Christ is."

    Reverend Dr. Johnson hopes his idea of encouraging the church members to wear their hoodies today keeps Marton's memory alive long after Friday night's verdict.  

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