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Protests heat up outside Zimmerman trial

10:57 PM, Jul 12, 2013   |    comments
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Video: Protests heat up outside Zimmerman trial

Protest gets tense outside courthouse on day 1 of jury deliberations in the George Zimmerman Second Degree Murder Trial.


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  • Sanford, Florida - Shortly after it was announced that the jury would begin deliberating the fate of George Zimmerman, the protest outside the courtroom went from roughly three people to more than three dozen people.

    "In my opinion, using the word 'creepy a** cracker' to describe a white person is racist," said one protestor to an African-American woman who urged a guilty verdict in the trial.

    "And whether he said 'cracker' or not, whether he said cracker or not we don't know that," said the woman when confronted with the protester that held at sign that read "Crazy A** Cracker is Racist."

    See also: Jury goes home after day 1 of deliberations without reaching verdict

    In another tense confrontation, a white man told two African-American women that Zimmerman was within his rights to shoot and kill unarmed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin back in February of 2012.

    "I'm saying if that law didn't exist, Zimmerman would have been arrested that night and charged with manslaughter," said the white man who said he is a long-time Sanford resident.

    "The police are covering it up. The police are covering it up," one of the women said in retort.

    This protest never got out of control.

    Earlier Friday, local authorities urged both sides to keep their cool - no matter the outcome.

    "The family has also asked the judicial system to run its course and that's exactly what we're asking other people to do," said Sanford Police Chief Cecil Smith.

    The question now is should we expect protest after the verdict.

    No one is certain at this point, but based on the intensity of the protest outside the courtroom on Friday, it seems clear that tensions remain high.

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