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Does your baby formula contain GMOs?

11:23 PM, Apr 26, 2013

Consumer advocacy groups say if your baby formula contains, soy, corn or dairy, there is a good chance it also contains genetically modified ingredients.

Pesticides on produce: 2013's "Dirty Dozen"

10:32 PM, Apr 23, 2013

See the list of the "Dirty Dozen." The 12 most pesticide laden fruits and veggies.

Study: Sugar availability linked to type 2 diabetes

5:00 PM, Mar 9, 2013

A recent study looked at sugar and type 2 diabetes rates in 175 countries including the USA over the past 10 years and found that increased sugar availability in the food supply was associated with higher rates of type 2 diabetes.

Do you have a right to know what's in your food?

11:45 PM, Mar 5, 2013

The push to label genetically modified foods in Florida.

Panel questions value of calcium, vitamin D pills

9:20 PM, Feb 25, 2013

New recommendations from a government advisory group say healthy older women shouldn't bother with relatively low-dose dietary supplements.

NEW FAT-BURNER: Garcinia? Does it work?

2:52 AM, Feb 25, 2013

Dr. Oz recommended this supplement to lose weight. See why our local doctor found something he says is even BETTER!

RECALL: E. coli baby spinach sold in Bay area

1:07 AM, Feb 15, 2013

Check your fridge to see if you have any recalled spinach.

Money Mondays: Is YOUR name on this list?

11:48 PM, Feb 11, 2013

Take a look at some of the names on this exclusive list we just got from Florida's Unclaimed Cash and Property Division.  Uour name could be here!

Cancer-detecting bra in development

12:15 AM, Feb 11, 2013

Money Mondays: How to search for unclaimed cash

6:54 PM, Jan 31, 2013

Here's a quick and easy way to see if you have unclaimed cash or property!

6 natural ways to help your little one fight the flu

12:41 PM, Jan 31, 2013

Board Certified, Holistic Pediatrician Dr. David Berger offers these tips to help keep your little ones healthy this flu season.

Vitamins for kids to fight flu

12:41 PM, Jan 31, 2013

A Tampa pediatrician gives parents simple vitamins that can help your kids stay healthy.

Fit Life Foods expands in Bay area

12:55 PM, Jan 25, 2013

The popular meals-to-go restaurant is expanding from its South Tampa location to open its fourth location.

Gardeners can reap fitness along with plants

12:39 AM, Jan 16, 2013

Gardens can be great training grounds for fitness buffs.







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