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Should you vaccinate your baby?

8:16 AM, Jul 28, 2011

This is a great resource to help you make an educated decision.

Taking prenatal vitamins may lower autism risk

11:04 PM, Jun 13, 2011

Taking prenatal vitamins appears to lower autims risk by 60 percent.

Dramatic drop in kids' ear infections

10:48 AM, Mar 5, 2011

Ear infections, a scourge that has left countless tots screaming through the night, have fallen dramatically, and some researchers suggest a decline in smoking by parents might be part of the reason.

Report: Fast food restaurants dishing up unhealthy kids' marketing

5:53 PM, Nov 8, 2010

A new study shows fast food marketing is on the rise and what the foods chains are promoting are very unhealthy.

Top 2010 sunscreens

4:43 PM, Jun 16, 2010

Check out the top 5 sunscreens and see where to buy sun protective clothing.

Controversial decision to separate MMR vaccine

12:20 PM, Aug 13, 2009

Some Tampa Bay area parents are asking their pediatrician to separate a 3-in1 combination MMR vaccine.

Should you buy organic for your family?

4:30 PM, Aug 4, 2009

See which conventional foods have more pesticides and antibiotics than others and 6 organic foods worth putting at the top of your shopping list.

Rubber mulch on playgrounds contains lead

12:50 PM, Jul 30, 2009

Playgrounds have come a long way from the asphalt jungle gyms of the 1960s and 1970s. Check out some of the toxic concerns on playgrounds.

Keep chemicals out of baby's bath

12:50 AM, Jul 9, 2009

A new report says many children's bath products contain chemicals that may cause cancer and skin allergies.

Flash frozen organic baby food

10:25 PM, Jun 22, 2009

A Tampa mom is cooking up two minute meals to feed babies and toddlers fresh organic food fast!

Senate continues to consider soda tax

9:58 AM, Jun 15, 2009

The Senate Finance Committee, looking for ways to pay for health reforms, has been considering the possibility of attaching a federal excise tax for the first time to soda and other drinks sweetened with sugar, high-fructose corn syrup and other sweeteners

Lead found in Mattel & Fisher-Price toys

12:45 AM, Jun 8, 2009

Regulators say the toy companies knowingly imported and sold two million lead tainted toys.

What to do about toxic toys

11:15 PM, Jun 7, 2009

How you can avoid hormone-like chemicals in your children's products.

Diet changes for autistic kids

11:00 PM, Jun 7, 2009

Can cutting back on wheat and dairy foods help autistic children?

Free skin cancer screenings

10:41 PM, Jul 23, 2008

Wear your suit to the beach & get a free skin cancer exam.







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