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Tips for Green cleaning

12:51 AM, Jun 8, 2009

Popular cleaning products may be hazardous to your health. According to Consumer Reports, most chemicals in cleaners have not undergone any federal safety review. Check out some safer alternatives.

Make your own kitchen cleaners

12:40 AM, Jun 8, 2009

Dunedin mom, Cyndi Raskin Schmitt, had never thought much about the chemicals in her cleaning supplies until three years ago.

Toxic fragrances in air fresheners & laundry detergent

12:35 AM, Jun 8, 2009

A study found toxic or hazardous chemicals in many top-selling everyday products.

Cleaning company promises to remove controversial chemicals

12:26 AM, Jun 8, 2009

S. C. Johnson promises to phase out chemical that interfere with the hormones.

Honeybees warn of trouble

12:25 AM, Jun 8, 2009

No one knows what's killing honeybees.

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Chemicals in your cosmetics

12:25 AM, Jun 8, 2009

You probably check your food labels to see what you're eating. But when it comes to popular products, like shampoo, hairspray and cosmetics you use every day, do you check to see what's in them?

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Air out your home

12:24 AM, Jun 8, 2009

Did you know the air inside your home is more polluted than the outdoor air in the largest, most industrialized city?

Plastics and your child

12:12 AM, Jun 3, 2009

Plastic chemicals are found in baby bottles, teethers, food cans, dental sealants... just about every product you can imagine. Scientists are concerned the controversial chemicals mimic estrogen and can be especially harmful to babies.

Chemicals in products mimic hormones

10:55 PM, Apr 19, 2008

Many chemical preservatives in shampoos, lotions and cosmetics mimic estrogen. While companies refuse to replace them with non-toxic ingredients, many shoppers are searching for greener options.

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10 pollution solutions

6:43 PM, Apr 18, 2008

One of my favorite resources is a non-profit, research based consumer advocacy group called the Environmental Working Group. I found these 10 interesting tips to help you cut down on everyday chemical exposure.

Government questions safety of baby bottle plastic

10:35 PM, Apr 15, 2008

A chemical used to make baby bottles and other shatterproof plastic containers could be linked to a range of hormonal problems.

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Ultra-"green" pizza joint coming to Tampa Bay

10:45 AM, Jul 28, 2011

The greenest of green pizza joints is coming to Tampa Bay. With hybrid delivery cars and silverware made from potatoes, Pizza Fusion takes green to the extreme.







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