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Flash frozen organic baby food

10:25 PM, Jun 22, 2009   |    comments
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Tampa, Florida - Parents want what's best for their kids. Many spend hours making homemade meals to get their babies and toddlers to eat their vegetables. All that cooking from scratch, can take a toll on busy moms & dads.

South Tampa mom, Marlene Sundquist, was one of those parents who spent countless hours cooking and freezing organic mini meals for her two year old daughter, Mei lin. 

Marlene made everything from scratch, just like her mom used to do.

Marlene Sundquist/Seedlings Owner
“I don't think I ever had fast food until I was in high school and we never went out to eat. She cooked everything from scratch, whether it was macaroni and cheese, chicken and fish and vegetables, lots of vegetables.”

It takes a lot of time and space to store a freezer full of food. 

When she decided to switch to the convenience of jarred baby food, Mei lin wasn't interested.

Marlene Sundquist/Seedlings Owner
“I tried for weeks on end to try to get her to eat jarred foods and she refused to do it. She would turn her nose up and head away. ”

Marlene went back to the cutting board and came up with another solution to  help all parents interested in simple, organic fast food, in a flash.

She hired a commerial kitchen to whip up her recipes. That's how Seedlings was born, a store on Dale Mabry in South Tampa, that sells flash frozen, organic baby food and toddler meals that can be heated up in a flash.

Marlene Sundquist/Seedlings Owner
“It's very simple. You just take the lid off of the container and put it in the microwave for 2 minutes and take it out and serve it. That's it. We offer everything from stage 1 organic baby food all the way up to complex toddler meals like broccoli and cheese. Our food tastes like the food.It hasn't been processed. it hasn't been overly cooked so it maintains it's color and vibrancy and texture. ”

We could easily see the color and texture difference between the flash, frozen food and jarred baby food.

We asked a tiny taster to give Seedlings a try. 11 month old, Sherwin Simmons, liked the mixed berries the best. His mom, Amie Simmons said Seedlings tasted more like real food.

This convenience comes at a cost.

One 4 ounce container of Seedlings cost us $3.59, compared to $.43 cents for 4 ounces of Beechnut and $.87 cents for 4 ounces of organic Earth's Best.

Tampa Pediatrician Dr. David Berger likes the idea of flash frozen food over jarred baby food but realizes it's expensive.

He says what's most important is that you feed your baby food that isn't processed and buy organic when you can.

A government funded Emory University study found that kids who ate an all organic diet for just 5 days had zero concentration of a popular pesticide, malathion metabolite, in their urine.

Dr. David Berger/Pediatrician
“I believe that you are what you eat. What's in the food is what goes into you. If there are additional vitamins and minerals ,which there are in organic, compared to traditional foods, if there are no added colors and pesticide and flavorings as there are in most foods, than yes, I think it makes a big difference. ”

Marlene hopes to make a difference by getting kids hooked on healthful food at an early age so those habits grow right along with them.

Seedlings also offers cooking classes, wooden toys and phthalate free kids items.

Consumer Reports recommends you buy these foods organic:

Apples, bell peppers, celery, cherries, imported grapes, nectarines, peaches, pears, potatoes, red raspberries, spinach, and strawberries.

Meat, poultry, eggs, and dairy.

Baby food

Heather Van Nest, Heather's Natural Health, 10 Connects News

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