What's in your favorite bottled water? Is bottled water regulated? Where does the water come from?

10:19 AM, Jul 28, 2011   |    comments
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A few years ago, I bought a stainless steel water bottle and spent $250 dollars to buy a reverse osmosis water filtration system (under my sink). Yes, it felt like a hefty purchase at the time but now I realize it's more of an investment.

Why should you consider reverse osmosis? Read the New York Times investigation that convinced me it's worth the investment

The other reason I bought the stainless steel jug... I've read about too many studies where researchers are concerned about controversial plastics leaching chemicals into the water... even if it's at room temperature!

Click here to read Harvard study.

I have been carrying my stainless steel jug with me all around town. It's much cheaper than buying bottled water and the filtered water actually goes through more testing and regulation than bottled water!

What's even more interesting is that a recent non-profit, research based consumer group found some bottled water companies bottle tap water!

The Environmental Working Group set out to answer 3 questions you have a right to know:

-Where does the water come from?
-Is it purified? How?
-Have tests found any contaminants?

Many bottled water companies refused to answer those questions.

Click here to see if your favorite bottled water company answered them.

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