Our famous "egg sammy to go"

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This breakfast sandwich was born out of necessity. You know those mornings when you really can't "slam down" a bowl of cereal?

You needed to zip out the door five minutes ago!

My husband & I came up with these easy egg sandwiches so we could at least take SOMETHING with us.

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Whenever we have friends or family stay over, they always ask for these egg sandwiches.

I have to say, the secret is all in the bread, Sami's bread.

Sami's Bakery is a Lebanese bakery that makes many different types of nutritious breads.

I like to buy the spinach & Millet pitas to make these egg sandwiches (and also pizza!) The pita has 8 GRAMS OF FIBER and only 52 CALORIES!

Millet is also one of the most nutritious grains (15 percent protein & high in B-vitamins) plus it's easy to digest.

 Here's how you make our famous "egg sammy to go."


 -Eggs (we like organic eggs that haven't travelled cross country)

 -Sami's Millet & Spinach Pita

 -Cheese (we use organic cheddar mix)

-Seasoning (salt or I like Costco brand, Organic No-Salt Seasoning. I use it in EVERYTHING. It has 21 different spices including onion, garlic, basil)

-Toaster oven (take WAY too long to heat oven)

Sprinkle a handful of cheese and seasoning on your Sami's pita and pop it in your toaster oven. Toast until cheese starts bubbling (don't burn it or it won't fold over) 

We try not to use our microwave, but you can in a pinch. Just crack an egg into a glass or pyrex dish, cover with a napkin and zap for about :30 depending on your microwave.

Or spray a pan with olive oil and fry an egg or two. My husband likes to fry an egg and three egg whites.

Marry the two together, fold the pita over the egg, wrap in parchment paper and run out the door!


Heather Van Nest, Heather's Natural Health, 10 Connects

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