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10:01 AM, Mar 27, 2012   |    comments
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Hey everyone!!!

It's official....WE'RE PREGNANT!!!!!!! It was def a rocky road getting to this point though. My HCG levels were really low every time we drew blood, and weren't sure what to expect. Especially since my numbers were even higher than the 2007 IVF cycle we did, and that one was unsuccessful:0( BUT..... After two sonograms both showing a perfectly healthy baby and a very strong heart beat....we are on top of the world!!! Today is the first day of my third month, and all I have wanted to do till this point is sleep!!! My husband, Mark didn't wonder for a second that we were pregnant.....he says for me to lay down and sleep during the day is a small miracle in itself, and not to mention how "sensitive" I have been lately.......well said Mark! Lol! Other than that, I actually feel really good. I am slowly starting to get some energy back, and have started working out again which I really think is helping with my energy levels. I've had some nausea, but no vomiting, and every once in a while I will get dizzy and feel faint, but I just sit down or lay down for a bit and a completely goes away. And im so sorry for not blogging more often, but I was fairly stressed out with my numbers, and just wanted to wait for the sonograms before catching everyone up. I would also like to say how blessed I feel to have The Reproductive Medicine Group by my side once again through this whole process. I feel confident in saying you will not find a more compassionate, medically advanced group, or organized and knowledgable staff than those at the Reproductive Medicine Group. So with that is everyone else doing?!?!?


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