Pregnancy test this week!

2:29 PM, Feb 14, 2012   |    comments
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Hey Everyone,

As you know the embryo transfer went great! And we had 4 good embryos that were strong and healthy that we froze. This past Friday I had my progesterone blood work done, and those numbers came back really good! Renee called and told me they like to see your progesterone levels at least in the 20's.....mine are at 146!!!! WOO HOO!!! I'm feeling pretty good and still doing progesterone injections every night. But I'm still having some discomfort from my right ovary, it's still pretty enlarged with fluids. Which is normal. And then then this morning....I woke up pretty nauseous. But all in all I feel good! I have my pregnancy test this Friday, and I am prepared for this week to go by in snail speed...LOL!!! Mark and I CANNOT WAIT for Friday!!! How is everyone else doing...any changes/ updates in your IVF cycle? Anybody just starting out on there Infertility journey. Please feel free to join the blog. Even if you haven't seen an infertility specialist yet, and have some questions about what to expect, or just had your first appointment and now have a million thoughts running though your head. Just scroll down to the share your thoughts/ comments link and click on it ....wait a bit and it will load all the conversations going on between myself and others.


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