Fertilized Follicles

8:35 AM, Feb 2, 2012   |    comments
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Hey everyone,

Well...Mark and I are on cloud nine!!! They were able aspirate 19 follicles!! And we received a call today from Renee at RMG saying that16 of the follicles were mature and 11 of them fertilized...WOO HOO!!!! We will get another call tomorrow letting us know if we are doing our embryo transfer on Friday or Sunday. How is everyone else doing? Angela, I know you are a few days into your Lupron...any side effects yet? And I miss hearing from Mercedes:0(.... I hope she is OK. And thanks Sandra for sharing your story....have you done any other fertility treatments besides IVF? And for those just joining....if you would like to ask a question about ANYTHING, or share a story. Just scroll down and click on the share your thoughts / comments link. It takes a bit to load, but when it does, you will see where you can comment!! Please join the blog....we would love to hear from you!!!!


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