Growing Follicles

10:39 AM, Jan 31, 2012   |    comments
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Hello Everyone!!

I have so much to share with you all and apologize for not blogging sooner, but my husband was out of town this entire past week and our Internet went down, and I have NO clue how to fix that stuff!!! LOL!!!
Ok...I have had 3 appts since my last blog. All three I have had blood work and a sonogram done while there. My appts were Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. I have gone from 18 follicles, to now having 31!!!! I now have 18 follicles on my left ovary and 13 on my right!!! They are growing nice and big like they are supposed to, and several are already measuring into the high teens like they want them too!! Here is kind of a break down of my follicle and estrogen growth.......Wednesday (1-25), I had 9 follicles on my left ovary and 9 on my right, and I believe my estrogen was in the 400's....then on Thursday (1-26), I had 18 follicles on my left ovary and 13 on my right, and my estrogen rose to 635. Saturday (1-28) I still have 31 follicles total, with 18 on the left and 13 on my right, but my estrogen levels have jumped to 1817!!!! I had another appt today (1-29), which of course was more blood work and another sonogram, and my follicles look great!!!! There are tons measuring in the high teens, and I even have one measuring in at 22!!!! I am def feeling some discomfort at this point, and even having some pain when I turn to fast or lean a certain way, and can even feel some minor pain and pressure when sitting down. This is totally normal, as my ovaries are filled to the!!! As far as side effects go, feeling a little sluggish these day....not 100% if it's from the meds or if it's because I can't run right now.....I usually run at least 2-3 days a week along with other exercising, but stopped about a week ago, and wont start back up until after my aspiration. Drs orders...ggrrrrrr...LoL....Def looking forward to getting that part of my life back on track! Dr Tarantino said I could go for walks, but to be honest.....I can actually feel my ovaries ache / throb every step I take, so I'm just gonna lay low for now. For some reason I'm not getting the hot flashes and night sweats like I was before, but am still taking 5 units of my Lupron every night. My Menopur dosage has also remained the same at 1 vial in the evening. But they have gradually decreased my gonal F from 3 vials down to 1. I am waiting to hear from the ART nurse on my estrogen levels from todays appt, and wether I will start my HCG injections tonight. We are getting SO close now, and I'm feeling like things just couldn't be going any better!!! Although I know there are never any guarantees, and having had one successful IVF cycle and one unsuccessful IVF cycle.....I know this IVF cycle could go either way. I'm just trying to stay positive and focus on this IVF cycle. How is everyone else doing?? Remember to scroll down and click on share your thoughts/ comments link and wait for it fully load. You will see where others are blogging with me and sharing there infertility journey as well. Please join us no matter where you are in your journey!



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