Injection side effects

11:56 AM, Jan 26, 2012   |    comments
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Hey Everyone,

Well I am one happy girl!!! I had my blood work and sonogram appointment last Friday ( Jan 20), and I have 9 follicles on my left ovary and 9 follicles on my right ovary!!!!!! And my blood work came back good as well:0) The ART nurse called me and gave me the green light to start on my stimulation drugs. I am still taking my Lupron, but just in the evenings now. I have also started mixing my Gonal F and Menopur together and taking this injection right after my Lupron injection. So, I am still taking two injections, but now they are both done in the evening. And the new injection needle isn't that bad either. Although I do get a small welt in the the injection site of the Gonal F and Meopur....this is normal and goes away fairly quickly, once it is absorb. As far as side effects go....I def get hot flashes and night sweats, which I believe is from the Lupron still. But I seem to get a little dizzy and feel mellow now from the menopur and Gonal F injections. Not really that bad though....I would say similar to how I feel after a glass of's kind of nice actually...LOL!!! I have my next appointment on Wednesday, so I will blog that evening as things will start moving much faster now. How is everyone else doing? Anyone have any Drs appointments they feel like talking about, or questions. Don't feel it has to be about can be about just starting your Clomid, IUI's....saline sonograms....really....anything!!! Its been so fun chatting with Angela and Mercedes, so join us!!!
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