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Things going smoothly

9:47 AM, Jan 16, 2012   |    comments
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Hi Everyone!!!

Well, I took my last birth control pill on Tuesday the 9th, and have been taking my Lupron injections everyday since the 5th. So far, I feel zero side effects...YAY!!! Although that could change at any given! I have my next Dr appointment on January 20th. They will draw blood and I think do a sonogram at this appt. Also, I got the OK to post some short videos and pictures of the things that go on during an IVF cycle. I'll get some up next week for sure!!! And can I just say how excited I am about the feedback I am getting from you ladies on my blog...LOVE IT!!!! And a special thank you to Angela for being so brave and being the first to ask a question!!! And also to Mercedes for sharing her IVF journey......THANKS GIRLS!!! And for those of you having any difficulty finding where we are chatting on these blogs....just scroll all the way down to the bottom of this page till you see share/ comment and click on it. It takes a second to load, but then you'll see us!! And if you don't see anything, feel free to be the first to comment on the new blog!!



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