First Injections

12:41 PM, Jan 10, 2012   |    comments
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 Hey Everyone!!!

First of all....HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I had a blast ringing in the new year with Mark, all three of our girls and tons of our closest friends. Hope your new year has started off just as fantastic too!!! Now that I got that off my chest....let's talk IVF!! Alright, so like I said in my blog last week, I got all of the drugs I will need for an IVF cycle. Tomorrow, January 7, I start my first injections. But, Yesterday January 5, I met with Renee in the Tampa RMG office for my injection 101 class. Pretty sure that's not what RMG calls it, but I cant remember what they call well just go with that...LOL! Anyways, this class is SO important!!! If it is your first time going through IVF, I STRONGLY suggest you bring your husband to this appointment. You will be given your IVF calendar and also go over all of your medications. I am a very visual person, So having a nurse like Renee, actually showing me how to mix the vials of water into the vials filled with IVF drugs and then how to properly fill my syringe, clean the injection site, and where and how to inject myself is a huge help! And if you decide to do progesterone injections over suppositories, your husband will need to learn how to give this one. It is given in the upper section of your butt cheeks. And yes.....all of this will feel very overwhelming. But between the class, the calendar, all the detailed instructional paperwork they give you, and knowing that someone at the Reproductive Medicine Group is just a phone call away with answers to your questions will defiantly calm your nerves a lot! Plus, there is a wealth of information on the RMG website! I will post again on Wednesday, and let you know how things are going with my injections, and how I'm feeling, emotionally and physically.


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