Starting IVF drugs

4:37 PM, Dec 27, 2011   |    comments
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Hey Everyone!!

A few exciting things have happened since my last blog. First I finally got my menstrual cycle, and have started my birth control pills. For those of you that have never gone through an IVF cycle, this is normal, and the first thing they start you on at the begining of your IVF journey. AND....we received our box of IVF drugs in the mail on Thursday!!!! It was like getting a early Christmas gift!!! Anyways, I will head back to the Reproductive Medicine Group January 5, for a pap smear, and go over all the drugs, and how to properly inject them and where and when to inject them. I will also be given a personal calendar that will make it super easy for me to know exactly which drug I should be taking....when to start it...when to stop it much of it I should be using....and where it should be injected. Cause believe me when I tell you is VERY intimidating when you get your box of meds and see all there is to it!!! The good news is, the Reproductive Medicine Group will have your back through this entire process. They are literally just a phone call away:0) Well.....there won't be a whole lot going on between now and my next appointment, but if something does I will certainly fill you all in. I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas.


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