New sibling for Christmas?

1:01 PM, Nov 21, 2011   |    comments
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I am SO sorry for not getting a blog out last week, but things have been CRAZY busy here at the Baldyga house!!! All fun and exciting things though:0) And even with our hectic schedules, I still get so excited thinking about having another baby. Everytime Palmer and Bella are around one of their friends younger siblings they always ask.....mommy, how much longer till we get our brother or sister? If they only knew what it was about to take to give them one...LOL!! And as weird as it sounds, I really don't mind doing IVF. I just feel like every pill and/ or injection is one step closer to our prayers being answered. I have to go finish cleaning the house for Thanksgiving now. I host Thanksgiving dinner at my house every year for my family and some friends. STILL SO MUCH TO DO..aaahhhhh!!! LOL....Hope everyone has a great day!!!


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