Do My Job: Airplane Technicians

7:17 AM, Jun 4, 2013   |    comments
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Doing the job of one person is one thing, but doing the job of 15-30 people is way more difficult.  I found that out when I visited PEMCO World Air Services, a leader in the maintenance of aircraft. 

If I listed every little thing they do when inspecting a plane, the stack of paperwork would come up to my waist.  Plus, the list of items would be really technical.  Words like SERVICE BULLETIN, AD COMPLIANCE, ADVANCED COMPOSITE REPAIR are normal terms to them.  For people who aren't Airplane Technicians, we might not understand those types of phrases, but I'm sure (you would agree with me), we can all appreciate the job of what Airplane Technicians do.  If you ever need a reminder of how we're kept safe in the air, just watch this video again.    

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