Do My Job: First grade teacher

8:12 AM, Apr 9, 2013   |    comments
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There are several reasons why teachers teach.  One of the biggest reasons why Fran Huseman teaches is because she was inspired, at a young age, by one of her favorite teachers.  After 25 years of teaching, she still loves every single part of her job being a first grade teacher at Clark elementary in Tampa. 

When I walked into her room, her class was very quiet.  When I left about an hour later, they were loud and hyper.  Of course, that wasn't their fault, but mine.  I learned (from Mrs. Huseman) that getting kids excited and riled up is different from energetic and eager to learn.  After learning that very valuable lesson, I was able to get the kids calm and even participated in several assignments.  I even got to read to the kids, using different voices.  That was the fun part. 

The not-so-fun part of teaching was the high stress level I reached knowing I would be in charge of 17 kids, for eight straight hours, five days a week.  I would have to be their mom, dad, counselor, friend, disciplinarian, comforter, nurse...all rolled into one.  Oh, and then teach them how to read, write, spell and memorize what you teach them.  Obviously, after just a few hours, I found out pretending to do voices was way easier compared to pretending to be a teacher.

In this weeks' Do My Job, I was invited to Clark Elementary in Tampa to Do The Job of a first grade teacher.

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