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The Products

Standing out from your competition is easier said than done… a dynamic audio/visual presentation of your story, product or service is key to connecting to your customer. We'll help you create a message that specifically targets and speaks to your desired customer and engages action.


  • Creative Analysis
  • Scriptwriting / Producing
  • Shooting
  • Editing
  • Graphics

Productions include:

  • TV Spots
  • On-Line Ads
  • Web Videos
  • Short Form Presentations
  • 1/2 Hour Programming
  • Viral Marketing
Online Creative

View some of the web creative successfully built for some of our clients.

The Rates

A detailed estimate will be provided based on the specific parameters of your production. Contact Jonni Watts at 727-577-8503 or

A La Carte $200/hour:

  • Graphics
  • Shooting (DVC Pro)
  • AVID Editing
  • Computer Graphics


  • Build Ad from Scratch (1x only per ad): $75
  • Build Ad from Scratch (a set of 3 ads): $150
  • Build Ad from Scratch w/Flash: $300 and up*
  • Web Build Out (1 monthly update included): $75 per page*
  • Video Conversion: No Charge
*Includes 2 Revisions during Design Stage.

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